Talent Unleashed

3 Leadership Conversations to ignite the unlimited potential in people

About The Book

Unleashing that unlimited store of potential in people

A leader’s job is to unleash the unlimited store of potential in people.

“The vast majority of the workforce in any organization possesses far more talent, intelligence, capability, and creativity than their present jobs require or even allow.”  – Dr. Stephen R. Covey 

That’s what Talent Unleashed is about—unleashing that unlimited store of potential in people. That’s a leader’s job. 

And how does a leader do that job?  Through 3 Leadership Conversations—not just individual events, but ongoing discussions designed to help people give the best they can. In these conversations, leaders trade fear for trust, confusion for clarity, and micromanaging for empowerment.

Praise For The Book

“The ‘talent conversations’ in this book are highly practical tools for leaders who want to uncover untapped potential in their people – and develop it.”


Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author

The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

About the Authors

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The 3 Leadership Conversations

Leadership conversations that can help define your team and your skills.

Voice Conversations


Affirm worth and potential by helping individuals to discover their unique gifts and talents.





Define roles and set clear goals to transform teams from managed hirelings to trusted partners and teammates.



Clear the path


Turn supervisors into leaders who clear obstacles from the path to fulfilling roles and achieving goals.



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