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Reinforcement Coaching Services
Create accountability and accelerate behavior change


Apply Learning, Create Accountability, and Accelerate Behavior Change

Behavior change is hard. Even the most committed learners struggle to implement new ideas, concepts, and frameworks into their day-to-day performance. The process of adopting new behaviors is made easier through FranklinCovey’s Reinforcement Coaching. This type of coaching offers learners the opportunity to apply their learning while being guided by a coach who helps them tackle their toughest challenges head-on. Reinforcement Coaching brings learning to life through regularly scheduled coaching sessions that focus on implementing new concepts and ideas.


Reinforcement Coaching Services

Each FranklinCovey consultant coach is a subject matter expert. Using FranklinCovey’s coaching model, coaches encourage learners to explore insights and deepen understanding of core concepts and ideas.


  • Prepare—Learners meet the prior commitments they’ve made and complete assigned work.
  • Clarify—The coach and learners clarify the outcomes for the coaching session together.
  • Learn—The coach encourages the group to share knowledge, create a solution, and develop a plan of action for the challenges they are facing.
  • Commit—Each learner makes a specific commitment to act on before the next coaching session.


FranklinCovey’s coaching framework creates accountability and provides the opportunity to apply learning to each person’s unique circumstances.

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